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The Feun Foo Community – สวนฟื้นฟูวิถียั่งยืน

We at Feun Foo Permaculture Chanthaburi would like to welcome you to explore our ideas and visions!

‘Feun Foo’ (ฟื้นฟู; pronounced fern foo) is Thai and means ‘restore’, ‘rehabilitate‘ or ‘revive’, and that’s how we see ourselves:
We cooperate with Nature to create a food jungle – a self-sustaining and natural habitat for human beings. We revive an ancient, long forgotten way of life, so that it may lead us into a better, not only sustainable, but regenerative future.
We provide one of many paths to live a happy and healthy life in harmony with Nature.

Our mission is to become fully autonomous and develop a regenerative way of living. We do that mainly through practicing permaculture, but include elements of rewilding and primitivist philosophy and spirituality.


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We believe human beings are an inseparable part of Nature, one species in an enormous interconnected web of living beings that depend on and benefit from each other.

We take care of our landbase and plant all kinds of different fruit and vegetables on one hectare (and a bit) of land. Our focus is on collecting rare banana trees, and so far we’ve collected over 50 different kinds.


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Update 21.01.2017: Section Our History finished.
Click to view our timeline.

Update 24.02.2017: Section Wild foods finished.
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Update 25.02.2017: Section Raw foods finished.
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Update 06.07.2017: Essay ‘On the Personhood of Plants
Connecting ancient wisdom and modern evidence. Drawing together the latest findings from the controversial field of plant neurology and contemplating the relation to animism. Making sense of my experiences. Demolishing the delusion of anthropocentrism.
Dave’s contribution to the conversation.

Update 26.08.2017: Complete Banana Index online! (First draft)
An overview over all the different varieties of banana in our garden.

Update 04.09.2017: New Article – The Red on Yellow
A short lesson in Banana History.



Update 14.11.2017: New Article – The Collapse of Global Civilization Has Begun – David B Lauterwasser
But this doesn’t mean we have to give up hope.


Update 21.4.2018: New Article
History repeats itself as the story of the Easter Island’s Downfall begins to unfold globally – David B Lauterwasser
A millennia-old, self-destructive belief is, once again, picking up speed.


Update 15.10.2018: New Article:The future will be green… or black. – David B Lauterwasser
A down-to-earth vision of how to avoid the worst

Update 11.08.2018: Surprise, surprise: We moved to a new province!
Read all about when, how and why in our latest blog post.
We will of course update the website accordingly when we find the time.












For anyone who has an open mind and likes reading:

Be sure to check out our collection of important, interesting and useful articles if you want to know more about why we do what we do. If you are looking for a good book, check the section books.


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