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Our Partners

We have several partners in the area who have similar views and projects and whom we help where we can.

In Huay To: Loong Phong and Pa Thai
An old Thai couple with a 3.2 ha (20 rai) fruit forest right next to the national park. This garden is not like the typical fruit orchard, it looks pretty wild and shares borders with the jungle. The territory is not flat but undulating, with two small streams of drinkable water coming straight from the national park. They plant mostly longkong, mangosteen and salacca, but also many soft jackfruit trees, some petai trees and some durian trees, as well as a wild mango variation. Many wild animal species are found in this garden, among many snake and bird species there are monitor lizards and sometimes even wild pigs.

In Nong Phot: Phee Yai
A Thai man who owns an 8 ha (50 rai) palm oil plantation that he wants to transform into a permaculture project step by step. He currently plants organic vegetables on two rai.

In Thabprik: Birdee
A french dropout who lives in Thailand for over ten years, has a 2,5 ha (15 rai) fruit forest where he collects fruit from all over the world. His collection includes safou from Africa, the black, the mamey and the yellow sapote from Central America and avocados from South America.

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