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Who We Are

We are a permaculture and sustainability project focused on organic, regenerative horticulture and agroforestry,
with a 1.2 acre garden, two adobe houses (for the volunteers), one open bamboo hut that serves as living room,

Veranda of one of the adobe houses

Veranda of one of the adobe houses

dining room and kitchen, one bamboo house (the owner’s vacation home) and one simple bamboo/wood hut in the back (Dave’s house). We are advocates of the simple, slow and peaceful life in Nature.

Right now the project is run by Karn and Dave.
The Numthang Community was founded in 2012 by Tee and Toon, who decided that a radical change in their life is necessary to sustain happiness and create a healthy environment for their daughters to grow up.


Thangnum (left) and Numthang

In 2016, Tee and Toon decided to start a new project in Ratchaburi, and ever since the project was run by Dave, a young man from Germany who has been living on the farm for three years.



Dave, doing what he likes the most: climbing












In the beginning of 2017 Dave’s girlfriend Karn decided to move to the farm to help taking our project to the next level.

(Check out Our History for more information!)

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