Article: The Uninhabitable Earth

Article: The Uninhabitable Earth

Article: The Uninhabitable Earth

Article: The Uninhabitable Earth

This article is important. More important than anything. I know a lot of you don’t like reading lengthy articles (damn attention spans, and who has the time, anyway?!) and I know a lot of you are simply not interested in the crap I post or don’t want to get dragged down by horror stories about the future (life happens in the present, live in the moment, carpe diem, yolo – I know.).

But the fact is: You are most likely going to die a horrible, premature death. And so do most of your friends and loved ones. If not you yourself, then definitely your children. By ignoring the devastating consequences of climate change we only make this worse.

You can decide to cover your ears and eyes and just continue scrolling, but that won’t make the problem go away. You can hope and pray that technology will bring salvation, but it won’t (how, without fossil fuels?).

You can decide that you’re feeling great today, and you don’t want to spoil your mood. But you need to. You need to be sad. You need to be terrified. You need to be desperate. Anything else is lying to yourself.
You need to contemplate your early death, and the unimaginable suffering that we will see in the coming decades. You need to remember this, think about it all the time, and let it guide all your thoughts and actions: you and me will die. And with us hundreds of thousands of other species, billions of individual life forms.

Only if you know, really know how bad it is, and understand that all this is affecting us right now already and will not stop to do so more and more and more every year for the rest of our lives, you might fully understand the importance of your own individual actions in your lifetime. Everything you do, every decision you make, every step you take, everything you consume, builds or destroys our shared future on this planet.

It takes half an hour to read this article and you are well advised to take your time to do so. Read it while sitting on the toilet at your workplace, while in the classroom or at university; this is more important than anything you can do or learn today.

Let us stop acting like nothing is wrong, and start changing our life in the most profound and radical way possible – because only the most radical change will be able to save us.

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