Do you hate civilization?
No, I don’t “hate” civilization. It is just a very unrewarding, toilsome and destructive lifestyle and can by definition not be sustainable or fair, since civilization is characterized by population growth and the rise of cities, which both deplete an ever-expanding territory to fuel their growth; and in every civilization sooner or later a hierarchy arises, which creates inequality.
I just think that the civilized life should not be the norm – we know what it does to the environment. There need to be alternatives, and those alternatives should be encouraged and supported as to attract more followers. This way, even the people who choose to life a life in civilization don’t have to worry that collapsing ecosystems threaten their existence.
This planet can after all sustain some people living in a wasteful and destructive way – It just can’t possibly host all 7.5 billion of us living in a wasteful and destructive way.
If we want to avoid and/or mitigate the worst effects of climate change and the concomitant mass species extinction, food/water crisis, we need change – and we need it fast.

Isn’t it hypocritical to use the internet as a primitivist?
To a certain amount, yes. But living in this globalized world requires us to adapt sometimes (in order to avoid becoming a unworldly and isolated hermit). The internet is not only bad, it’s just that the downsides weight heavier; it can be useful, for example for connecting people all over the world and assisting in spreading information.

Why do you use the term primitive – isn’t it insulting?
Primitive means literally “the first of his kind” (lat. primitivus), every other meaning is a cultural construct made to insult and degrade ‘savages’.

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