Our Views

Our Views

All of our views are radically land-based and anti-anthropocentric, often controversial, and at times formulated as an intended provocation to make people think. We are ideologically closer to an indigenous perspective than to the ideas and views expressed by civilized folks, so much of our worldview might seem quaint and estranging to “regular people”. Yet if you consider yourself a “regular” person as well, we encourage you to let go of your biases for a minute and give a different perspective a chance. So far, everybody who just had the patience to listened to us long enough eventually had to admit that our views have (at least) some merit.


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Why the Simple Life?

The Meaning of Food
    Wild Foods
    Raw Foods
A short note on vegetarianism

Permaculture and Spirituality


Deep Ecology

Education and Schooling

>99% Organic!!! Why?


For more insights about how we see the world, check out our blog. In the Articles section we link and comment interesting articles that support our views.

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