>99% Organic!!! Why?

>99% Organic!!! Why?

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Why do we use the [>99% Organic] label?


Well, sadly, in our modern world, nothing is “100% organic” anymore, and claiming any products to be so is misleading and counterproductive. To be frank, we’re just being honest.

Microplastics have found their way even to the remotest corners of the planet and the upper layers of the atmosphere, are found in most drinking water around the world and throughout the oceans.
Dioxins are found in every mother’s breastmilk and in the bodies of all kinds of other animals. And it doesn’t stop there. What about all the other agrochemicals, a staggering number of other persistent organic pollutants (POPs), PCBs, PBBs, Black Carbon from combustion engines and power plants, other toxic hydrocarbons, and by- and waste products of industry, agriculture and transport?
What about the increased levels of background radiation due to the use of nuclear weapons, nuclear waste, REM processing, and reactor meltdowns?
Airplanes crossing the skies over every continent, trailing pollution?

It should be obvious by now that you can’t escape the pollution this culture has created in the last few hundred years, and we should come to terms with the fact that the 4+ billion year era of “organic” is officially over for this planet. Thanks, Industrial Civilization, for gifting us with the fruits of Progress and Development, Science and Technology (a disease we named “PDST”).

The best you can get in today’s world is, in our opinion, round about 99% organic.

What we do certify with absolute honesty and certainty:
We do not spray any agricultural chemicals, nor do we use chemical fertilizer, household chemicals, or even soaps, sprays, shampoos, and disinfectants in our garden/home. We reduced the number of plastic utensils and containers to an absolute minimum and use no combustion engines to help us with gardening. We do not own a car (just a motorbike), and have neither refrigerator, nor TV, radio, or even electricity (just one phone we charge at a friend’s place down in the valley). We water our plants with fresh pond water from the adjacent Nature Reserve, which sits on and is fed by an underground aquifer and rainwater runoff from the jungle. Even though we live in an agricultural area where people do use chemicals, our garden is located higher than any other plantation around, and borders the jungle on two sides.
All residues of any chemicals that might be found on our produce (definitely less than 1%) come from elsewhere and are therefore beyond our control. Please blame industrial agriculture, industry in general, fossil fuels and the hydrocarbon business, cars, airplanes, containerships, electricity, convenience, comfort, and the modern way of life.
Thank you!

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