Book: My Ishmael (Daniel Quinn)

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Book: My Ishmael (Daniel Quinn)

Part of the Ismael trilogy Vol. 1 – Ishmael Vol. 2 – The Story of B Vol. 3 – My Ismael

Essay: On the Wildness of Children

A beautiful, important essay that everyone interested in the future of us humans should read. With clear, comprehensible logic Carol Black argues for basically unschooling our kids, for abandoning the

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Article: ‘Digital Heroin’ – How Screens Turn Kids Into Psychotic Junkies

So technology is neutral, huh? Tell me again how “smart” your kid is because of using an iSomething at a young age.

Book: The One-Straw Revolution (Masanobu Fukuoka)

With his book “The One-Straw Revolution” permaculturalist Masanobu Fukuoka created one of the most important books about natural farming methods.

Article: Why You Should Take Your Kids Out of School

The long read: School is not the best option if you want to raise smart, creative, happy kids. A growing movement of unschoolers believes that life itself is the best

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