Article: First American settlers cut down millions of trees to change climate

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Article: First American settlers cut down millions of trees to change climate

Apparently, early settlers were already trying to geoengineer their climate – with success. Columbus was one of the first explorers who offered proof that deforestation “worked.” In the 2003 study

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Article: Murdered for Defending Thailand’s Environment

Unbelievable. Environmentalism in Thailand can easily kill you. What does this teach us about the method of activism? The industry shows their true face in countries where money can solve

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Article: The Tribe on the Front Line in the Battle to Save Indonesia’s Forests

The Orang Rimba – another tribe on the brink of extinction. Every other culture gets crushed under the wheels of our own cultural juggernaut. This has been going on for

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Article: The ‘Family of 5’ Primary Forests – A Snapshot of What Remains

The pace of deforestation has accelerated so rapidly over the past 200 years that today our planet harbors only one-quarter of its original old-growth forest—i.e., forest that has never been

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Article: Haze Investigators Held Captive, Threatened With Death

The palm oil industry shows its true face, once more. “They also threatened to burn their captives alive and throw their remains into a river.”

Article: In 20 Years We Wiped Out 10% of Earth’s Wilderness

“You’re captives of a civilization system that more or less compels you to go on destroying the world in order to live” -Ishmael

Article: Burning Forests is Haram

“It is very clear in the Quran that man shall not damage the earth… including by way of burning the forest.”