A comment on Elon Musk’s future phantasy (+Video)

A comment on Elon Musk’s future phantasy (+Video)

A comment on Elon Musk’s future phantasy (+Video)

A comment on Elon Musk’s future phantasy (+Video)

I thought no one believes megalomaniac Elon Musk anyway, but it turns out that he really reaches people with his crazy babble. After I saw a friend writing about this issue, I thought I might give my opinion, so here’s my comment on SpaceX’s multiplanetary nonsense:

I say it’s a fancy fantasy of a completely delusioned madman. He sparks wrong hopes and has a disgustingly strong anthropocentric worldview. Building a colony on Mars will never happen, that’s for sure. He said in his speech that it will take 40-100 years! I can’t wait to see how that’s gonna work out. He is so distracted with his sci-fi daydreams that he fails to realize that the problems here on Earth don’t just go away, but get more and stronger every single year. In forty years we will have enough trouble finding air, water, food and space for ourselves, plus there will be no more fossil fuel left, so I wonder how he’s going to build the biggest rocket ever launched.

They made a nice visualization that indeed looks good, but, as advertising always does, its main purpose is to make people excited so that they hand him over their money. He didn’t even get to land one single Falcon 9 booster so far, all of them exploded! (Plus his self driving car killed a man, but that’s another story.)
Now he want’s to use one spaceship twelve (!) times to travel to Mars and back, and let the booster land (hehehe), fill it with fuel, send it back up to dock with the waiting spaceship to transfer the fuel?! Use the tanker a hundred times and the booster a thousand times?!?! I’m not so sure about this. He didn’t even figure out yet what exact material he wants to use to build this rocket from. He said in the presentation that he plans to use some carbon fiber but admits that there is no way to build a pressure tank for the fuel from carbon fiber, he says that the required material is not even invented yet.
He goes way too fast in a direction that is fairly uncertain.
Before spending tens of thousands of hours of work and billions of dollars to get a small number of rich people to escape the dirty and overcrowded planet Earth, he should work on a solution that works for all people here on this planet that has been our home since the very beginning.

With all of his projects he actively makes the world even more uninhabitable for humans.

And even if people would get to Mars, colonizing it will fail. There is a reason why humans are on this planet and not on Mars. We belong here and it is not up to us to make a decision about on which planet to live. After ten thousand years of playing god it should be clear that nothing good arises from this kind of thinking.
It is not that easy to just plant trees on Mars (which is as cold as -140° C, Musk just says “We can warm it up” about this little problem, as if we just turn up the heat on the air condition and that will magically raise the temperature of a whole planet by over a hundred degrees). Our plants here are not used to the vastly different conditions on Mars, like a different degree of UV radiation and an atmosphere that contains less than one percent nitrogen (which is essential for plants to grow). A working ecosystem is way too complicated as for humans to just load parts of it into a spaceship, fly to another planet and release them there. We simply can’t just “make” an ecosystem that sustains itself and spreads over a whole planet. What about animals and insects that are essential for a working ecosystem? How should they breathe in an atmosphere that has no oxygen? What about minerals in the soil? The fact that Mars has only 62% of Earth’s gravity?

Seriously, Elon Musk should take his fucking medication and shut the hell up. His megalomaniac nonsense pollutes the minds of good people who are responsible for the planet that we all live on. It is things like the belief that we’re going to ‘colonize Mars’ that makes people think “Well, fuck the environment then, if it all goes down we can still go to Mars, right?!”
No we can’t, and especially not the people who think like this.

Everyone who thinks we can all just go to Mars has to consider that by the time he finishes the first rocket, we’ll have at least 10 billion (!) people living on this planet, a rocket to Mars can only launch once every two years (!) and carry 200-400 people.

Am I the only one that thinks he’s crazy?! We should take care of the problems HERE as long as we still can, instead of giving up and working on unrealistic escape plans. The Earth is what brought us to life and we are utterly doomed without her. We are dependent on this planet and its awesome ecosystem for our very survival because we, amongst countless other creatures, were formed by millions of years of evolution to thrive on exactly THIS planet, in THIS ecosystem, and nowhere else.

Thank you for reading this, leave your opinion in the comments if you want.

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