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Article: Alienation is Killing Americans and Japanese

Article: Alienation is Killing Americans and Japanese

Article: Alienation is Killing Americans and Japanese

The price you have to pay to be a “highly developed” techno-industrial civilization. Where is this all leading? Japan and the US are role models in terms of capitalism and economics, so their problems will soon affect the whole industrialized world.

“Half a million people are dead who should not be dead,” Deaton told the Washington Post. “About 40 times the Ebola stats. The increase is so contrary to longstanding trends that demographers’ first reaction is to say, “‘You’ve got to have made a mistake. That cannot possibly be true.’”

“The stories have become all too familiar in Japan, though people often do their best to ignore them. An elderly or middle-aged person, usually a man, is found dead, at home in his apartment, frequently right in his bed. It has been days, weeks, or even months since he has had contact with another human being. Often the discovery is made by a landlord frustrated at not receiving a rent payment or a neighbor who notices an unpleasant smell. The deceased has almost no connections with the world around him: no job, no relationships with neighbors, no spouse or children who care to be in contact. He has little desire to take care of his home, his relationships, his health. “The majority of lonely deaths are people who are kind of messy,” Taichi Yoshida, who runs a moving company that often cleans out apartments where people are discovered long after they die, told Time magazine. “It’s the person who, when they take something out, they don’t put it back; when something breaks, they don’t fix it; when a relationship falls apart, they don’t repair it.” ”

Japanese call those lonely deaths kodokushi.


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