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Article: Clean Energy Won’t Save Us

Article: Clean Energy Won’t Save Us

Article: Clean Energy Won’t Save Us

This excellent piece of journalism here sums up the mess we’re in, the one we don’t seem to know how to get out of. I’m not just some crazy mislead pessimist for predicting that civilization WILL, inevitably, collapse. It is a proven fact, and the sooner we all realize, the sooner we can start working on real solutions for this problem.
Read for yourself and spread the news.

One more thing about the article: the author writes about the disastrous things we do to the environment and then finishes with statements like “It’s time to pour our creative power into imagining a new global economy – one that maximises human wellbeing while actively shrinking our ecological footprint.”. How about one that maximizes the wellbeing of the rain forest? The wellbeing of the oceans? The rivers? The mountains? The ants? The songbirds? The elephants?
If you want a “global economy” it comes with vast environmental destruction and there is no way around it. It’s about time we start thinking outside of the box and look beyond civilization.


Post scriptum: The “new economic system” the author is looking for is called gift economy.

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