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Article: Hallucinogen Therapy is Coming

Article: Hallucinogen Therapy is Coming

Article: Hallucinogen Therapy is Coming

Very, very interesting. Psilocybin mushrooms and LSD have such a profoundly incredible potential, and everyone who ever experimented with those substances knows that. Maybe the increasing scientific interest together with the success of including psychedelics into therapy and neurobiology might help lift the stigma of those who value these substances.
In other words: If you think bad about people taking psychedelic drugs, I strongly advise you to read this article here first and reconsider your opinion.

From the article:
People who have struggled for years with smoking and other addictions are discovering an odd solution: ‘shrooms. It only took Daniel Krietman, a 40-year smoker, three sessions on psilocybin to quit, cold turkey. It’s no secret that psychedelics can lead to life changing experiences. But what makes them so strangely effective at curing addiction in particular?

New research suggests that it’s more than a matter of brain chemistry: Hallucinogen therapy offers a radically new perspective on the self, showing people that they’re not slaves to their compulsions or fears, and providing them with a sense of connection to something ineffable, something greater than themselves. In the darkness of addiction, hallucinogens shed light.


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