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Article: Humans Ate Meat 3.4 mio Years Ago

Article: Humans Ate Meat 3.4 mio Years Ago

Article: Humans Ate Meat 3.4 mio Years Ago

For all our vegan friends: no offense intended! New evidence from Ethiopia shows that we humans butchered meat as early as 3.4 million years ago – longer than we humans exist as a species (the oldest human ever found is a 2.8-million-year-old homo habilis, found in the Ledi-Geraru research area in Ethiopia). Until now we thought that stone tool use and human evolution started simultaneously, but those new findings tell us that either the genus homo has been around for a little longer than previously thought, or even our ancestor australopithecus was smarter than we thought.

Simple stone tool use is observed not only among chimpanzees but also among some bird species, but nothing that is as sophisticated as butchering meat.

It seems clear that flexibility in diet was one of the keys to our evolution and success as the genus homo, meat-eating is a likely cause of our ancestors’ expanding brain size.


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