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Article: Industrial Farming is One of the Worst Crimes in History

Article: Industrial Farming is One of the Worst Crimes in History

Article: Industrial Farming is One of the Worst Crimes in History

Blaming homo sapiens itself is downright stupid. When a new species like the genus homo appears, of course some other animals disappear. Just think about what the dinosaurs caused in terms of extinction. Yes, according to one study there was a “massive loss” of big mammals, but when you look at the numbers, it ain’t all that scary. In a 100,000 years, homo sapiens hunted 177 big mammals into extinction. That’s roughly two animal species every thousand years! If you talk about percentages, of course it sounds dramatic, but I think this article misses the real point and blames all homo sapiens instead. The real problem is, of course, our civilization, which was started 10,000 years ago and gave rise to the extinction rate we face today, about 30 species per day disappear forever. Leave early humans alone and focus on the problem itself – civilization, beginning with the forced adoption of the sedentary agricultural lifestyle, called agricultural “revolution”.

Now that talk about macho gene is absolute nonsense. No such thing exists, because hunter-gatherers SHARE their prey equally, and most prehistoric cultures are believed to have been polygamous. So on this topic, the author is not that well educated yet and feeds common clichés. The answer to the question why young men drive recklessly is a little bit more complex than that.

All that “science shows” talk is pretty dumb, too, since for primitive people it is absolutely obvious that animals can feel pain and loneliness. Just because some white-robed dude says it now, suddenly everyone believes it. Listen to the indigenous and you might learn something without having to catch, kill and dissect other life forms.


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