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Article: Uncontacted Yanomami found

Article: Uncontacted Yanomami found

Article: Uncontacted Yanomami found


It turns out that some one hundred members of one of my favorite South-American tribes, the Yanomami, have so far been spared from devastating contact with the civilized world.

In their language, “white person”, “stranger” and “enemy” are one and the same word, which speaks volumes about what civilization did to those beautiful people. Maybe if they would adopt the tactics of tribes like the proud and brave Tagaeri, their lives would be a bit more safe.

The Yanomami live a truly sustainable life, practice polygamy, endocannibalism and use “yopo” (made from the DMT-rich beans of anadenanthera peregrina) for rituals and healing ceremonies. Although generally hunter-gatherers, women and shamans practice horticulture.

When I hear people ask what we can do to “save the world”, I stand back and point at tribes like this. Learn from people who haven’t yet forgotten what it really means to be a human.

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