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Article: We Run Out Of Sand

Article: We Run Out Of Sand

Article: We Run Out Of Sand

Civilization will not continue for much longer. The sooner we realize this and act accordingly, the better. Sand is one underestimated resource that we exploit so rapidly and that we depend on so much that a sudden disruption in the supply chain can cause serious trouble to our society with its ever-accelerating trend to urbanize and maximize economic growth. There is no future in building more and bigger cities, longer and wider roads, and electronic devices for everyone.

Take a look at how much concrete China used in recent years:



I am not advocating more moderate economics, since economic activity at any rate of growth or even decline devastates the ecosystems that we depend on for our own survival. We have already inflicted so much damage upon the rest of the living community that our actions have to be not only sustainable, but regenerative (as opposed to the 10,000-year history of degenerative activity of ‘civilized’ folks). This means that I advocate no economy at all, no growth, no material wealth, no cities and no use of most resources.

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