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Book recommendation: The Falling Sky

Book recommendation: The Falling Sky

One book we’ve been wanting to recommend for a long time already is this one here: The Falling Sky – Words of a Yanomami Shaman. It has been one of the most unusual, awe-inspiring and consciousness-expanding experiences of reading we’ve ever encountered. The book consists of the recorded and translated self-told story of Dawi Kopenawa, an actual shaman who grew up in the Amazon rainforest but got to know and experience Western culture, often more than he cared for. The style of writing is authentic and superb, the story is emotional and heartbreaking, and it leaves you with a lot of existential thoughs about what is wrong with this culture and what primitive cultures do better (and consequently what we can learn from them). It is absolutely impossible for anybody to dismiss jungle-dwelling tribes as inferior in any way after learning about the complexity of their spiritual beliefs and their culture, the intelligence and clarity of thoughts they express about what’s beyond the jungle, the sophistication with which they go about daily life, and the loving intimacy they maintain with their environment and all the creatures that inhabit it. A must-read for anybody, and a guarantee to expand your horizons.

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