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Article: Foraging Was Healthier Than Agriculture

Article: Foraging Was Healthier Than Agriculture

Article: Foraging Was Healthier Than Agriculture

That foragers were and are in way better health than ‘civilized’ people is no surprise anymore by now. If even Forbes Magazine admits it, it finally has to be common sense.

One thing I don’t understand about the study quoted in the article is that as soon as people find injuries, they blame it on interpersonal violence to prove that tribal life “wasn’t perfect”. What about people just injuring themselves, doesn’t that happen every once in a while? And who said tribal life was perfect, anyway? Why is there a desperate need among scientists to bring up evidence to point out that it indeed was not perfect? To make a case for our own fucked up society?

On the one hand, the researchers involved in this study seem to be open to the thought that primitive cultures are more advanced than our own in many (if not most) aspects, but then they blame alleged interpersonal violence on “‘social aggrandising’ or jockeying for higher social status”. What?! Please go take a look at the primitive cultures that still exist and check how much they are concerned with high social status or aggrandizing themselves. In this case this is pure cultural bias speaking, those scientists can’t possibly imagine that in a completely different culture humans are less egoist and narcissist than in our highly ‘advanced’ (=alienated) culture.


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