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Article: The Dangers Of Automatization

Article: The Dangers Of Automatization

Article: The Dangers Of Automatization

This terrifying article is for all the naive, technology-crazed futurists who get excited by self-driving cars and automation in general. There is a phenomenon called the paradox of automation, which psychologist Gary Klein describes as followed:

“When the algorithms are making the decisions, people often stop working to get better. The algorithms can make it hard to diagnose reasons for failures. As people become more dependent on algorithms, their judgment may erode, making them depend even more on the algorithms. That process sets up a vicious cycle. People get passive and less vigilant when algorithms make the decisions.”

In other words:

“Automation will routinely tidy up ordinary messes, but occasionally create an extraordinary mess.”

It seems rather futile to me that our society keeps extending its dependency on computers. An automatized world is much more dangerous than a manually guided one, plus doing things manually keeps us from becoming too stupid.


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