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Article: Stop Joking About Fleeing Earth

Article: Stop Joking About Fleeing Earth

Article: Stop Joking About Fleeing Earth

This excellent article sums up our thoughts on megalomaniac delusions of colonizing other planets (as if colonization didn’t do enough damage, devastated enough ecosystems and destroyed enough diversity in the past).

It is a dangerous idea to think that there is an alternative to Earth, because it leads to nihilist denial to change anything about our current situation, since somewhen, some scientists surely figure out a way to rescue us all.
Or at least the ones who are wealthy enough, who make up about 1% of the world population – this would really be the direction in which space colonization would go. So not at all the big hope for the masses to flee a dying planet: the masses are left dying with their mother Earth, while the most privileged go destroying some other planet.

Space travel and possible colonization still lays far in the future – which is utterly uncertain because we’re running out of resources, most essentially oil which we need in every step for the preparation of space travel. But despite the impossibility of such adventures, if you don’t solve the problems that threaten life on earth, they will follow you wherever you go.


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