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Book : Six Degrees

Book : Six Degrees

Book : Six Degrees

Mark Lynas’ book on climate change and its effects is fundamental for understanding just how important it really is to change things fast. He went through the work of viewing and summarizing hundreds of local studies on the effects of climate change, and is therefore able to paint the bigger picture: what will happen where on earth with which degree of warming? The book is structured in six main chapters, all of which stand for one more degree on the global temperature scale.

And don’t worry about getting depressed while reading the worst-case scenario of global warming. Lynas writes:
“Depressing? It had honestly never occurred to me that Six Degrees might be depressing. Yes, the impacts presented are terrifying-but they are also, in the main, still avoidable. Getting depressed about the situation now is like sitting inert in your living room and watching the kitchen catch fire, and then getting more and more miserable as the fire spreads throughout the house-rather than grabbing an extinguisher and dousing the flames.”

Let’s douse the flames!

cover mark lynas six degrees

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