The Birth of a New Project: Feun Foo Permaculture & Rewilding

The Birth of a New Project: Feun Foo Permaculture & Rewilding

The Birth of a New Project: Feun Foo Permaculture & Rewilding

The Birth of a New Project: Feun Foo Permaculture & Rewilding

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After almost six years, the time has come for some things to change here on the farm. The creators – you might say the mother and father – of this garden, Tee and Toon, and their daughter (whom the project was named after), have moved on to start a new project in Ratchaburi, which will now carry on the name Numthang.
We, Karn and Dave – their successors, are honored to inhabit and take care of this place on its journey to the next level of ecosystem sustainability. We would like to express our deepest gratitude for this opportunity, and we ensure everyone that the farm is in responsible hands.

Every birth also means that a separation takes place: the child is separated from the mother, now starting its own individual life as an autonomous organism. While the word ‘separation’ might have a melancholic undertone, it is also a new beginning and a new opportunity. Most definitely it is a step forward.
Our project, Feun Foo, is a child of the Numthang Project, which paved the way and prepared us for this next chapter of our lives – we are delighted and thankful for this.


‘Feun Foo’ is Thai and means ‘restore’, ‘rehabilitate‘ or ‘revive’, and that’s how we see ourselves:
We restore Nature to original beauty by converting a palm oil plantation into a food jungle. We revive an ancient, long forgotten way of life, so that it may lead us into a better, not only sustainable but regenerative future.
We provide one of many paths to live a happy and healthy life in harmony with Nature.

Our mission is to become fully autonomous and develop a regenerative way of living. We do that mainly through practicing permaculture, but include elements of rewilding and primitivist philosophy and spirituality. We regularly host volunteers to teach others what we’ve learned so far.

We believe human beings are an inseparable part of Nature, one species in an enormous interconnected web of living beings that depend on and benefit from each other.


From this day forward, our small garden in Krabi will no longer be called Numthang, since the ‘original’ Numthang moved to Ratchaburi at the end of last year. We decided to keep the name temporarily until we come up with something better, and now this time has come. We started changing all social media accounts and profiles, our WWOOF account, as well as our email addresses and the website from to (our email addresses are [email protected] and [email protected] ).

The transition is now complete. A new name, new objectives, goals and motives, a (slightly) new logo, and new caretakers for this wonderful food jungle.

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The logo (and all its variations) are a homage to our partner project, Numthang. We decided to keep the banana leaves as a central part of the logo, since this is one of our main objectives here and we are very proud of our ever-growing banana collection.

Here’s to the new project, may it thrive to become more beautiful than ever!


Karn and Dave, The Feun Foo Community


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